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Welcome to MCOM Media Communications Customer Care portal
Posted by Basil Grivas on 03 February 2015 04:34 PM




Aiming to further improve the level of support services we provide, we have activated a new system that will be logging your support tickets.

Important features of the new system are user friendliness and the ability to receive on-line updating for the progress of your tickets.

It is also feasible to access tickets that you have opened in the past.

Specifically, one simple mail to from an already registered email address is enough to open a new ticket and to update it from your side.

Additionally, you will be notified by e-mail for every step we take to resolve your ticket.

These registered e-mail addresses (with an initial password that we will provide and which can be changed at any time by the user) will be also used as access credentials for this internet portal that allows on-line review and management of the existing or older tickets.

In case your email address is not already registered in the support portal, please contact your account manager or our Support Call Center:

Support Call Center: +44 (0) 845 512 1655, +30 6973442757

Middle East and Africa:
Support Call Center: +971 4 4316 630 Ext.2, +30 6973442757

North America:
Support Call Center: +1 855 810 8591, +30 6973442757

All other inquiries:
Support Call Center: +30 2106839819, +30 6973442757


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